Daml Hub Product Knowledge Base

All the application ideas presented below are ideas that we have discussed openly or built ourselves. Each example lends itself well to a Daml application running in Daml Hub because of the ambitious nature of the workflows, the inherent key interactions with users of the applications, and the benefits to everyone from a more transparent view into how the workflows and data are being shared with others. We would be happy to talk to anyone in greater depth about these ideas and how we could help you launch the next great application. We have direct expertise with all these types of applications and have the means to help you get your idea off the ground quickly. Don’t see your idea on the list? Reach out and ask us about your use case.

2 Sided Markets

Application network effects and 2-sided market-style applications can build robust communities of like-minded users at opposite ends of a supply chain. Any gig, share, or circular economy application can benefit from the built-in properties of Daml applications that were designed to make building some of the world’s largest markets a breeze.

Example : Apartment swapping during COVID

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, AptSwap built and launched a platform for people to swap apartments for extended periods. The platform was quick to launch in the middle of the lockdowns and provided people within and across cities to find safe respite, comfortable ways to change their living arrangements and ease the burden of lockdown.

Example : Community bartering

As COVID has slowed down travel and broader global interactions, CommBar Inc launched a simple way for neighbors to connect and offer ways to help and support outside of unemotional economic help. CommBar setup a simple marketplace for people to connect, request, and offer different skills and services to their neighbors as a way to help their local community thrive during the lockdowns. CommBar Inc was able to crowdsource building their open-source application. Daml made working on an open-source application easy to do across people who had never worked before thanks to the ease of reading and understanding the intent of the application code. Daml Hub reduced the number of items the community had to build and removed any need for them to build and deploy their infrastructure for the application.

Digital Exchanges

The world of digital exchanges is evolving quickly - from the concept of trading collectible sneakers to offering competitive upstart securities exchanges - and are changing the way all sorts of products are sold in the market. Daml comes with open source libraries that make it trivially easy to build a new type of exchange. Better yet, all other exchanges using these libraries are immediately interoperable with each other thanks to common data and workflow modeling. This allows the developer to focus on the key differentiating aspects of the exchange and not the minutiae of how to shape a bond or sneaker in financial terms.

Example : Social Networking Finance

CrowdFin Inc recognized that access to many private markets was being artificially constrained by asymmetric information and deal flow. To open up a wide variety of opaque private markets, CrowdFin Inc deployed a new model for investing. On their Daml-empowered platform, they allow any type of private investment to be structured where a pool of underwriters, entities that can perform due diligence, and other specialized functions must openly post their historical records. Investors can choose to follow other investors or follow specific key enablers for deals getting created. Following investors and enablers into deals gives a small percent of the earnings to the leads and all returns on the platform are public to the investors.

Example : Private market rebalancing markets

Venture capital and public equity funds provide key liquidity to companies at particularly risky moments in their lifecycles. As those companies mature and the portfolios of the VC and PE companies evolve, there comes a strong need to rebalance exposure to certain sectors and types of investments over time. Liquidity for these portfolios can be few and far between so LiqVC.io built a marketplace where VCs, PEs, and accredited investors can offer exposure to slices of their portfolios to other investors in the network. The combination of a clever legal solution and strong workflow guarantees brought by their application brought a new pool of liquidity and flow to otherwise low-velocity portfolios.

Example : Institutional crypto wallet with built-in OTC capabilities

CryptoConnect, the institutional trading desk for cryptocurrencies, used Daml to build a fully-integrated wallet that has a complex workflow across their front office, middle office, back office, and IT departments. CryptoConnect realized their largest counterparties would benefit both from having their instance of the wallet and in the wallets being interoperable. They demonstrate the value of the wallets being connected by offering a blind over-the-counter market that can request a price, place an order, match, clear, and settle transactions seamlessly with the integrated wallet. CryptoConnect used the existing Daml Hub key management integrations to offer a robust and secure institutional wallet.

IoT and Data Marketplaces

As applications and networks grow, developers are in an increasing need for ways to make the data captured by these devices actionable. While many are dumping data into large data processing facilities to gain insight and find patterns, others are beginning to create open marketplaces for data.

Example : IoT Appliance Network

IoT Fridge Corp has been hard at work building a mesh network of sensors that let restaurant owners know when one of their walk-in coolers or freezers is having an issue. IoT Fridge Corp has created an advantage over its competitors by building a simple workflow where the IoT sensor records the event, checks local vendors for availability and quotes, and returns an event to the restaurant owner that allows them to not only know there is an issue but immediately schedule the remediation.

Example : Application Data Marketplace

New Freshman Corp has built an application that allows its users to coordinate and book services necessary to help incoming college students arrange for moving services and other key needs as they prepare to attend school. New Freshman LLC is often notified of the upcoming move months before any other service would be aware of the users’ upcoming needs. This puts New Freshman LLC in a position to monetize these highly qualified sales leads that few others have. To do so, New Freshman Corp has built an auction exchange for their leads. The vendors have an opportunity to see a subset of the information about a user, place a bid for exclusive first access to the user, and be notified of winning bids and corresponding information.

Virtual games of skill and chance

Let’s be honest - you didn’t think we would mention virtual board games side-by-side with some of these other use cases. Daml is well-suited for building the rules for any online game where all participants care about the fairness and correctness of the outcomes of the game. Daml is better than your standard language for building these types of games because you can open-source the codification of the rules of the game while allowing each player to maintain proprietary strategies. Anyone can audit the rules and they are easy to read, modify, and extend in a transparent way to all other players.

Example : Fog of war chess

Everyone has had some exposure to the game of chess in their time but few have ever had to play chess with imperfect information. The challenge was to build a version of chess where each player can only see the pieces that it can attack as if in a fog of war situation. Daml’s built-in privacy provisions made this a fun exercise for a new DA joiner to build as an onboarding experiment.